Wholesale Supply Agreement With The Lcbo

The LCBO has announced that it will expand its food program with 87 new permits. This will bring to 450 the total number of grocers eligible to sell beer, cider and sometimes wine in Ontario. The expansion of the food program is accompanied by the LCBO`s announcement that it will also approve 200 new LCBO convenience stores (formerly LCBO branch stores) next year. The AGCO is responsible for authorizing licensed grocery store operators to sell beer, cider or wine and for ensuring that these products are sold responsibly and in accordance with Ontario`s regulatory framework. Grocery Operations assists authorized store operators in ordering appropriate alcoholic beverages and helps resolve all operational and administrative issues related to the sale of beer, cider and wine in the food channel. We are a channel to opportunities by enabling a product ordering and delivery program that helps beverage alcohol manufacturers of eligible products and authorized store operators track retail sales in Ontario. New options for limited license terms are now available when applying for and renewing rights. Licensees can now choose a term of two or four years, with fees payable that correspond to the duration of the term. A description of the new fee structure can be found on the Alcohol Charges page. Successful grocers will then apply for a licence from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario and enter into a wholesale supply agreement with the LCBO. In addition to expanding the LCBO`s food program and convenience stores, the Ontario government passed legislation to terminate its contract with the Beer Store. The LcBO expects all suppliers to comply with the LCBO Supplier Code of Conduct („Supplier Code“), which is available under the Supplier Code of Conduct. The Supplier Code of Conduct sets out principles that apply to all suppliers (including suppliers of alcoholic beverages and suppliers of non-alcoholic goods or services) who wish to establish and maintain a business relationship with the LCBO.