What Agreement If Any Is Required To Be Sent To Expedite A Colocation Request For A Sailor

The general consensus of r/Navy (and honestly, all sailors who have been there for over 3 years) is not to marry someone in a school. Here`s why: „The Navy recognizes how important families are, and if they`re not quite important, it can put a sailor`s life to the test,“ officials said in a press release. The installation of dual military couples is part of the support of families. This is a priority, as is balancing fleet readiness. The revised policy updates co-location and distribution procedures and makes contract negotiations less cumbersome. 1. New rules. Navy Personnel Command revised the rules for two military pairs after Navy Secretary Ray Mabus called for greater flexibility for those pairs in a full staff address last May. identified the co-location of dual military pairs as a priority for service. Based on this mandate, the Naval Personnel Command, which describes sailors between gas stations, undertook a review of the policy. If you are applying to be parked together and are currently in different geographical locations, you will need to apply again every 6 months. If it is rejected – transfer it again! NOTE: If you are not currently geographically together, you can end your assigned visit. If you have just received a school education, they are not obliged to respond to your request.

If you are a sailor in the first semester, they are not obliged to respond to your request. But! If you do not ask, the answer is guaranteed no. If you ask the question, the answer could be yes. The Family Care Plan is a tool the Navy uses to ensure fleet readiness. Failure to follow a family care plan is not synonymous with mandatory treatment of separation. The Navy understands that double millet is so stressful that they offer separation due to parenthood. You must absolutely understand that in the case of sailors two miles away, the Navy – not you !– decides who will leave the Navy. With the strong push to retain women and increase the proportion of women in the Navy to over 25%, you should expect to stay in the Navy as a new mother. Other factors are the annual rate/group occupancy, the time remaining for your (re-)conscription contract and the history of the NJP. Navy Personnel Command has updated its rules on how sailors married to sailors – or other military personnel – are treated by the information system when searching for orders.

„This affects nearly 20,000 sailors we know right now,“ the rear admiral said. Ken Whitesell, Chief of Distribution at Navy Personnel Command. „There are 9,000 pairs of the Navy and about 2,000 sailors who have identified as spouses in another department of the system, but the number could increase.“ We are on the same ship and we want to get married. When is the best time to do it? You must inform your chain of command that you wish to get married. Once you`ve married, one of you has to get off the ship: If you think you don`t have a viable family care plan, you and your spouse need to sit down with both chains of command and have a really serious discussion. Seriously, make an appointment with your CMC and bring your spouse to discuss the situation. The sooner you do it, the better. Don`t wait until the week before deployment to let your LPO know you can`t start because no one is monitoring your child, okay? This is a serious breach of responsibility. .