Thompson Rivers University Faculty Association Collective Agreement

The contract also includes negotiated adjustments to the compensation structure to attract and retain successful teachers who provide teaching and research opportunities for students, according to a press release from the B.C. Ministry of Finance. Nearly 240,000 public sector employees are now covered by interim agreements or ratified under the mandate. The improved increments would be based on a career development review and added to the faculty`s base salary. „We are disappointed that no agreement was reached that day, but we remain committed to the collective bargaining process and believe in fair outcomes that meet the needs of both parties,“ Jessop said. The agreement includes approximately 900 faculty members represented by the Federation of Local Post-Secondary Educators 2. Members work on the two main campuses, in Kamloops and Williams Lake, as professors, consultants, librarians and teaching support. The Thompson Rivers University Faculty Association (TRUFA) and thompson Rivers University`s Board of Governors have officially ratified a new agreement for some 900 unionized faculty members The Association of Faculties of Mount Saint Vincent University and the University is expected to return to conciliation one last time on January 2. If there is no agreement, full-time teachers, librarians and laboratory professors say they will be on strike on January 7, the day students return to the winter semester. Mount Saint Vincent University wishes to inform its students of the negotiations between the school and the Faculties Association.

If there was no agreement, the union would intervene from the 7th The first year students will return to class in 2019. The financial commitments taken into account in collective bargaining are long-term and go well beyond the duration of a collective agreement. The overall compensation package proposed by the university as part of the five-year contract increases the remuneration of FA members by $4.5 million and provides a solid foundation on which they can build. In comparison, the proposal for remuneration of the association of faculties, which was tasted over the same five-year period, was estimated by THE UNBC at more than 20 million $US, including benefits. On behalf of the 600 members of the Thompson Rivers University Faculty Association, I want to fully support your efforts to negotiate a first collective agreement that meets the needs of all your members. For a CBC, this would be a cumulative increase of 5.5% in faculty salaries, after two years (2012-13 and 2013-14) where faculty salaries increased by 2.5% each year. Mount offered salary increases of 1.75 percent for full-time faculties and librarians and two percent for lab professors in each of the next three years, in addition to steadily increasing their salaries, according to the email. This proposal is in line with my decision to join UNBC and the many messages I have received from the academic community asking UNBC to continue to focus on its mission as a research university capable of responding at the regional level, which aspires to excellence in teaching, research and service. The three-year contract expires on March 31, 2022 and applies retroactively to April 1, 2019 with annual salary increases of 2 percent over the term of the contract, in accordance with the provincial government`s bargaining mandate for sustainable services.

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